School scrambles to make new plans after ordering fake solar eclipse glasses

KANSAS CITY, Missouri -- Students at one Missouri school are having to make other plans after staff members discovered the solar eclipse glasses they hoped to use today were fakes.

The teachers at Spectrum Station in Kansas City were disappointed when they began questioning the authenticity of their glasses, KCTV reports.

Lisa French, executive director of the school, said they quickly became concerned the students might be injured if they were to look up at the sun.

"As more news trickled in about questions, about the safety of them and protection for the children's eyes, we started thinking, 'What are some alternatives?'" French said.

With the 75 pairs of glasses now unusable, the school said they will have to watch the NASA livestream inside the classroom instead.

The students will be able to take their glasses home as a souvenir, however.

"We were a little bit disappointed because we were so geared up and we wanted everybody to get out there with their glasses and really talk it up, but at the end of the day, safety comes first," French said.

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