BEEF LOVERS ALERT: Try these steaks during Houston Restaurant Weeks

HOUSTON, Texas -- The six-ounce filet mignon has become a staple item on menus during Houston Restaurant Weeks (HRW) to the extent that it seems likely no single entree raises more money for the Houston Food Bank during the fundraising event. Its presence has become so ubiquitous that Vic & Anthony's executive chef Michael O'Connor recently took to Twitter to suggest diners order anything else from the restaurant's HRW menu.

Bad news, chef. It doesn't matter how good that redfish is (and it's probably very good). Diners go to steakhouses like V&A to eat steak, which means your kitchen will be serving lots of filets all month long.

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This list offers some suggestions for beef lovers who want more than a filet. Also, we're skipping places that charge pricey supplements for their best steaks, like B&B Butchers where an 18-ounce strip or a 22-ounce rib-eye costs $25 on top of the menu's $45 price, but, hey, at least B&B's HRW filet is a hefty 10-ounces.

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