Is Queen Bey being dethroned? Dad spoofs Beyonce twins photo

Is Queen Bey being dethroned? One dad saw the first photo of Beyoncé with her babies and was immediately inspired.

Geraint Skene held his own Beyonce-inspired photo shoot with his 5-month old twins, Joni and Aila. He wore a bathrobe and used a blanket to duplicate Beyonce's veil.

His partner Abbie took the photo and told ABC13, "the response has been nothing but positive."

Geraint isn't the first parent to tap into his inner Beyonce.

Irish mom Sharon Kellaway had a Beyonce-inspired photo shoot with her twins, complete with a veil and a blanket that matched the singer's dress. Kellaway had her 6-year-old as the photographer for her shoot, joking on Facebook, "I wonder how many photos Beyoncé had to get through to get the right one."

Now that you have seen them all, is anyone better than Bey?
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