Mirror Mirror: Slide your way to a stronger core

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Sliding your way into better shape is the way to go! The Train Station personal trainer Sandy Butler has exercises that use gliders -- or just towels! -- to get your core into shape.

  1. Core press back: Get into a plank on your forearms with gliders or towels under your feet. Press shoulders back and forward and back and forward. This is a core and shoulder burner!
  2. Ball out: Get into a core position on your hands with the gliders or towels under your feet. Bring the feet in to your tummy, so your knees are bent and your body almost curls into a ball, and press back out. Repeat.
  3. Around the world: Do the ball move like you did above, and when you bring your knees in, kick your legs out into a "V" and back together and then back to a ball position. Do five this way, and then do five where you bring your legs out into a "V," into the a ball and then straight out.
  4. Mountain climbers: Get into a plank position with your hands on the floor and the gliders or towels under your feet. Run your feet into your stomach.
  5. Monster mountain climbers: Instead of running your feet in toward your stomach, run your feet out to your elbows.

Try to do ten reps of each exercise. Happy sliding!

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