Protesters interrupt former VP Joe Biden's Super Tuesday speech in Los Angeles

BALDWIN HILLS, LOS ANGELES -- A pair of anti-dairy industry protesters rushed onto the stage as former Vice President Joe Biden was delivering remarks in Los Angeles and celebrating his string of Super Tuesday victories.

With his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, standing alongside him, the former VP was in the middle of his speech at the Baldwin Hills Recreation Center when an unidentified woman stormed the platform.

What the woman was shouting was unclear as a man grabbed her from behind and dragged her away.

A moment later, another woman climbed up to the stage waving two handheld signs -- a Biden 2020 campaign sign and another with an image of a cow and the words "LET DAIRY DIE."

She too was forcibly dragged offstage by Symone Sanders, a senior aide to Joe Biden, after briefly being intercepted by Jill Biden.

"I broke a nail. #SuperTuesday," Sanders later tweeted.

The protesters were apparently the same ones who ran onstage during a Sen. Bernie Sanders event several weeks ago.

Joe Biden does not currently have Secret Service protection. The protesters were removed by members of his private security and staff.
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