Bellaire-Meyerland-West University area sees 20% increase in average income

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Monday, December 21, 2020
ABC13+ Asiatown
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HOUSTON, Texas -- Population growth in the Bellaire-Meyerland-West University area was tempered by a 10% drop in residents in ZIP code 77006, according to new estimates from the U.S. Census American Community Survey.

The area as a whole grew by about 1.5%, while Harris County grew by 8.8% in the same time period. ZIP code 77005 added almost 2,400 residents, a 9% increase for the area, which includes West University Place and Rice University-area neighborhoods.

Population growth

The Bellaire-Meyerland-West University area added about 2,000 residents in total in the past five years.

Courtesy of Community Impact Newspaper.

Meanwhile, household incomes also rose more quickly in the Bellaire-Meyerland-West University area as compared to Harris County overall, according to the ACS data.

Incomes rose the fastest in ZIP code 77030, with households reaching a median income of $90,075, a 26.7% increase in five years, but Bellaire ZIP code 77401 appears to have surpassed 77005 for the highest household median income, with $193,950, in 2019.

Household income

Median household incomes grew by an average of 19.5% in the Bellaire-Meyerland-West University area. compared to 14.5% for Harris County.

Courtesy of Community Impact Newspaper.

The ACS gathers data from a sampling of the population and may not reflect the total census count that is being finalized for 2020.

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