2-year-old shot and killed by 13-year-old playing with gun

HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- An Ohio toddler is dead after accidentally being shot by his 13-year-old relative.

At first it was believed the toddler, Jvontae Johnston, age 2, shot himself. Now authorities his 13-year-old relative was playing with a gun at the time of the shooting.

"We originally thought the child was playing with the gun and shot himself. But then further investigation revealed the 13-year-old shot the 2-year-old," Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer in Ohio told WDTN-TV.

That boy is charged as a juvenile with reckless homicide.

"Now he has to suffer the consequences of the criminal justice system. Hopefully they can get him some help. He's going to need some help, some counseling through life. Just a tragedy," Sheriff Plummer said.

The toddler's father, Jamahl Evans, 34, has multiple felony convictions and has been charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Sheriff Plummer said, "What we need to do as adults, we need to control our guns. Here's another case where you have a 13-year-old, as any kid is curious when they find a gun. Unfortunately, he even admitted he was curious, checking the gun out, it discharges and kills the 2-year-old."