2 men found shot to death a couple miles apart in east Harris County

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Deadly shootings of 2 men may have stemmed from fight over drugs
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Deadly shootings of 2 men may have stemmed from fight over drugs, authorities say

The Harris County Sheriff's Office says the deaths of two men in east Harris County may be connected to a dispute over drugs.

Deputies said they responded to a shooting around 2:30 a.m. in the 16000 block of Pecan Street, where a man was found dead inside a home.

According to authorities, the house is being used to stash drugs.

Multiple men allegedly broke into the house, and there was a shootout. One man was killed.

One of the people who busted into the house was also shot in the torso, dragged into the street and put into a white Ford pickup truck.

Several men were seen running from the house, and the pickup truck sped off.

Later while deputies were still at the scene, they received a call about a crash involving a pedestrian a couple miles away at 15200 Market St.

When investigators arrived, a man who had been shot to death was found in the street.

Authorities determined he had not been hit by a car. He was the same man who was shot earlier and put in the truck. However, the people he was with dumped him in the street.

"It appears one male was shot while leaving, loaded into vehicle. So much for friendship and loyalty. He was dumped a mile and a half from here," said Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

Deputies are looking for the pickup truck.

A third call then came in about a person who was also shot, but survived, being dropped off at a nearby hospital.

HCSO is investigating whether that third call is related.

Sheriff Gonzalez said it's been a violent 24 hours for his team, who investigated multiple scenes overnight.

"Pretty scary thing... there's a lot of homes. These things are violent... violent 24 hours. We've already investigated four deaths in Harris County. Gun violence needs to stop," Sheriff Gonzalez told ABC13.

Investigators are waiting on a search warrant to go inside the home.

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