2 Houston bars at center of lawsuit in connection to fatal drunk driving crash in 2016

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Two well-known Houston bars are facing a legal battle. The bars are accused of serving a motorcyclist alcohol who later caused a fatal accident in July 2016.

In a lawsuit filed Thursday by the parents of 25-year-old Lindsey Morris, Capitol Bar and Nightclub are accused of serving Jeffrey Michael Mason while he was intoxicated.

Mason was driving his motorcycle when he crashed into a cement barricade on the 610 overpass. Morris, his girlfriend who was riding on the back of the motorcycle, was killed in the accident.

"We have evidence that indicates that both of those bars served an obvious intoxicated person," said family lawyer, Annie McAdams.

The district attorney's office said Mason's blood alcohol content level was .162 at the time of the crash.

While he is being held accountable in the criminal system, McAdams says the two businesses also share responsibility.

"If they're going to make money on the sale of liquor to the public, then we expect you to protect the public from the sale of liquor, that simple," she said.

Although the fatal crash happened nearly two years ago, Morris' family says they hope the lawsuit reminds bars of their responsibility.

"They lost their daughter as a result of somebody being served too much alcohol," McAdams added.

Both establishments said they were not ready to release a statement.

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