People try to make money off coins after 1943 penny found to be worth $200K

After a rare 1943 penny sold for more than $200,000, people are reaching out to see if their coins are worth anything.

Valeria and her mother Judy reached out to ABC13 consumer reporter Chelsey Hernandez to help them find a reliable source to go through their coin collection.

"My dad tried to explain it to us when we were younger, and had no interest in it," Judy said. "He just collected and kept collecting and got some from his grandparents and his grandmother."

Judy said she discovered the 1943 penny and wanted to get an honest estimate on its worth.

The mother and daughter took their penny to U.S. Coins near Katy Freeway to get their collection inspected, but the manager had some disappointing news.

They found out their 1943 wasn't worth thousands but were lucky with some other coins.

"There's still a lot of other coins that are worth double or triple their weight and we haven't been through everything," Judy said.


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