Man defends erecting anti-Islam banner on his house

ONTARIO, CA -- An Ontario man was defending an anti-Islam banner he posted outside his home, but not everyone on his block was happy with it.

The banner reads "God bless America, keep America safe."

It has symbols for Christianity, Judaism and the word "Islam" in the middle, with a line slashed through it.

Vincent, who did not disclose his last name, put up the banner several weeks ago. He told Eyewitness News it's within his constitutional rights, as long as he's not inciting violence.

"I feel, as Americans, we need to take care of America first. And exercising our freedom of speech, our First Amendment -- it's a part of being American," he said.

Not all neighbors were in support of the sign.

"It just makes the neighborhood ugly because you have to drive in, and you have to see that hate sign," said neighborhood resident Paul Toscano.

"...It's like 'Damn, I'm having a good day,' and then I see that, and it kind of brings your day down."

Ontario police said they have not received complaint calls about the banner.
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