Model gets the boot, literally, during UH charity date auction

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A model during a date auction for a UH student organization got the boot - literally - from another woman when she was walking the runway.

Jordan Smith was taking part of a charity date auction to raise money for scholarships for the Nigerian Student Association of the University of Houston on Feb. 17.

When Smith approached a man in the audience, the woman sitting next to him stuck her thigh-high, red velvet boots out and blocked Smith from getting any closer. You could say it was the ultimate shut down.

A former UH student attending the event captured the moment on video and shared it with the world, getting more than 153,000 retweets on Twitter with the caption, "When you got a girl who doesn't play that." Now the woman with the boots has been dubbed, #Bootbae.

"I was very surprised to be honest. I thought it was funny and I would get a few retweets and likes on it, but never did I think it would blow up like this, " Mike Akinyemi said about his viral video.

ABC13 reached out to Smith about the incident. She said was surprised by the woman's behavior.

"The woman is a UH graduate, so she knows how this event works. You do stuff to entice the audience, but I kind of thought it was funny and just continued my little walk," Smith said.

Akinyemi said people in the audience were shocked as well.

"People thought it was really funny how she just decided to instantly use her foot to stop the young lady from approaching," he said.

With thousands of people sharing the video online, the negative comments were bound to happen. However, some did show support for Smith.

"Some negative, calling me out by name. A few showing support telling me not to let this get to me, and then there were comments everywhere in between telling me I'm pretty or asking where I got my clothes from. The comments are really all over the place," Smith said.
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