Residents claim partial victory over White Oak Music Hall

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A day after a Harris County judge handed down a temporary injunction against White Oak Music Hall, north side neighbors involved in the lawsuit gathered to claim a partial victory in the unfinished fight.

"We're not trying to close this venue," said Chris Feldman, the attorney for the group. "They have a very nice indoor facility. That's where they need to have their music."

The temporary injunction against the venue will limit it to the two outdoor concerts already on the books. All other music events must be indoors until a scheduled May trial. The facility is also required to monitor its outdoor noise.

Theresa Cavin, a longtime resident who can see the music facility from her front porch, is relieved.

"We're really happy about the order the judge gave," she said.

Cavin, who has a son with autism, says the loud music is a problem.

"It's really going to make a difference in our lives, especially Austin's," she said. "He can't sleep at night. It's really hard for him when concerts are going on."

Manager Will Garwood of White Oak Music Hall painted a different picture. He points out that the facility has been very popular with fans since its opening. He says many Houstonians see the facility as a great community benefit.

"We think the outdoor stage is a great asset to Houston and the neighborhood," said Garwood. "Like other outdoor stages, people enjoy seeing music with a downtown skyline out in an open festive atmosphere with friends and neighbors."

Both sides say they're ready for a full trial in May if a resolution isn't reached.

But with one side calling the outdoor concerts a benefit and the other calling it a nuisance, an agreement for now, seems unlikely.
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