Missing Texas? This candle will bring you right back to the Lone Star state

If you're homesick for Texas, this candle will take you right back to the Lone Star State.

Homesick Candles has introduced a Texas-themed candle that will quite literally tickle your senses with quintessentially Texan scents.

The unique aroma includes a hint of leather, fresh cotton and a touch of sage.

For those who hail from other states, Homesick Candles' line includes 50 candles from across the country. Highlights include a Florida-scented candle with hints of orange, sea mist and driftwood, and a Georgia candle that smells like -- what else -- peaches and iced tea.

Each hand-poured candle is made in America from all-natural soy wax. They retail for $34.95, but are currently on sale for $29.95.

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