Having trouble sleeping? Here's some tips!

We all know taking a bath or reading a book to calm us down helps with sleep, but that won't do the trick for everyone. So, Women's Health Magazine has some more ideas to help us get some shut eye.

First, put the cell phone down. The light affects your melatonin production, which is what helps you rest, but if you can't unplug before bed, try downloading the "twilight" app. The app gradually changes your phone's light from a white light to a relaxing red light.

Next, get your bedroom ready. Invest in a good pillow and lower your bedroom temperature. Sixty-five degrees is an optimal sleeping temp. Then, keep the Netflix out of the bedroom!

Now, it's time for some lifestyle changes. First, change your diet. Skip booze and fatty foods before bed, especially if you suffer from heartburn and exercise for 30 minutes a few days each week.

Finally, if you're still tossing and turning after ten minutes, don't just lie there. Get up and change your setting, but don't turn the lights on bright, and don't get on a device. Instead, do something boring like reading a book you don't care about. Then, try to get some sleep.
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