Local business employs young people with disabilities

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Considering her disabled son's future after high school, Sharon Meaden envisioned a job that would allow him to experience success, be productive, and utilize his computer and organizational skills. Boxes of sentimental trophies in the garage inspired the thought of refurbished awards and the rest is history.

Sharon created Revived Glory Awards, a local business that employs young adults with disabilities. The "Trophy Masters" learn important job skills, while being a team contributor. Dedicated volunteers assist in many capacities by offering encouragement or lending a helping hand.

People can donate their awards and trophies and the company creates new awards made up of around 35% recycled awards.

Their goals are simple - provide exceptional products, employ people with disabilities, and teach important skills while lessening their environmental impact by recycling awards.

You can find the store at 13150 FM 529 Rd Suite 108 in Houston, TX 77041.
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