Texas scout leader eats 23 ghost peppers to raise money for troop

FREDERICKSBURG, TX (KTRK) -- The bhut jolokia, also known as a ghost pepper, can be considered one of the hottest foods in the world, but that didn't stop a Texas scout leader from scarfing down nearly two dozen of them.

Johnny, assistant scoutmaster for troop 137 in Fredericksburg, Texas, may have drawn the short straw when he ate 23, yes, 23 ghost peppers. The good news is that it was all for a good cause. The bad news is that he got incredibly sick afterwards.

"He's doing this to bring light to the fact that we desperately need scholarship money," troop scoutmaster Gayne Young said. "Money for our boys to get uniforms and to go on trips."
Young and another member of the troop filmed Johnny eating the peppers. The peppers were so hot that they had to cover part of their faces.

In a video posted Dec. 20 on YouTube, Young advised viewers not to do this at home.

Johnny picked up the first pepper and popped it in his mouth, which didn't appear to go down very easily.

As he started eating more, Young asked if he needed anything.

"You need milk?

Johnny shook his head.

"You want some water," Young asked.

Again, Johnny shook his head.

Johnny took it like a champ and ate the entire plate of Dave's Gourmet peppers.

"Any last words, Johnny," Young said.

"I'm great," Johnny responded.

Young said that Johnny got very sick and ate six Klondike bars, drank a bottle of Pepto Bismol, Mylanta, a half gallon of milk and water in an attempt to ease the pain.

"He was sick out both ends with quite a bit of blood," Young said.

We sure hope Johnny is still feeling okay and that it raised the money needed to help with the scouts.
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