Fort Bend man shoots, kills burglary suspect

A grand jury will determine if a Fort Bend County man will face charges after shooting and killing a man he said was breaking into a truck.

It happened in the 8200 block of Malin Ct., police said.

The man went into his kitchen around 4:45 a.m. and noticed on his security cameras that someone was outside his home.

He asked his wife to call police while he went outside to confront the suspect.

"I carry weapons and I have a few magazines in the vehicle and I have a holster and I have ammo. A few boxes of ammo," he said. "He had his left hand full of some of my stuff and with his right hand, I was unable to determine whether or not he was putting something into his pocket or if he was pulling something out of his pocket."

The man fired three to four shots, killing the man on the scene.

"I am so sorry," he told us. "This was not my intent when I walked outside."

No names have been released in the case.
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