Charming courtroom dog calms frayed family nerves

DOUGLAS COUNTY, NE (KTRK) -- Most people don't walk into court expecting to see a dog, but that's exactly what you'll find in one Nebraska courtroom.

Judge Dog Johnson brings pup Finnegan into his juvenile courtroom as a way to ease nerves in what could otherwise be a very nerve-wracking encounter.

"Day one, he walks in, everybody's blood pressure goes down and the kids love him. It was a game-changer from day one," Johnson told KETV-TV of his four-legged friend's impact.

Johnson says that Finnegan's presence puts the kids in court at ease, helping them connect both with him and with their parents more freely.

Finnegan even has his own courtroom badge.

"I thought maybe we might be able to get him minimum wage if he had the ID. So far, no luck," Johnson quipped.
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