Former Texans OL shaping bodies, souls at gym

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Like many athletes, former Texans offensive lineman Jordan Black had to find something to do after his playing days.

He chose to run a gym, where he can mold people, physically and spiritually.

It all starts and ends the same way: with a prayer.

Black says the group gets together every morning to try and build strength and functional movement. But, there is something else that Black credits for the group's growth.

The spiritual side, he says, is at the core of what they do every day.

"If there is something that I do that doesn't involve faith, that's a mistake on my part," Black says.

His program is netting huge results.

"A lot of times, when you get at my age, you are sore all over from chasing four kids all the time," program participant Casey Farris says.

"The last thing I need is more soreness, but what I'm seeing from this program is it's strengthening me, and I am actually less sore than I've ever been."

Black says while he's hard at work to be the best he can be for his clients, he's probably having a little too much fun.

"What I enjoy most is seeing a change in a person, and not just a physical change, but an attitude change," Black says.
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