12-year-old's arm broken by Spring ISD coach during practice drill, dad says

Wednesday, July 7, 2021
Football coach accused of fracturing 12-year-old's arm
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In the video above, we're sharing Spring ISD's statement after a father claimed his 12-year-old's arm was fractured by a football coach.

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- A father in Spring wants answers after his son was injured during summer football practice.

Troy Fletcher's 12-year old son is now dealing with a broken arm after he said a football coach at Claughton Middle School used him as an example during a football tackle drill on June 30.

The young boy said he was even blindsided.

"I turned away and then when I looked back he was already running at me," he told ABC13.

The boy said the coach collided with him and he heard his arm snap. He was told to sit on the sideline and said the coach came to ask if he was okay.

"I told him he broke my arm," said the boy.

The 12-year-old said another coach gave him ice and practice continued. Afterward, his parents were called.

"Why did they not provide my son with medical care? They did not call EMS," Fletcher said.

The child's parents took him to the hospital where they learned he had his arm broken.

In a statement from Spring ISD, the district said they're investigating to see if all health and safety protocols were followed. The district also told ABC13 the incident is under investigation and that, "Coaches routinely demonstrate mechanics and techniques of the game in preparation for drills and exercises."

The Fletcher family has filed a police report and hopes that criminal charges will be brought against the coach.