Hot fitness trends emerge in Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Houstonians across the city are looking for more and more workout options. Studios are stepping up to the challenge and finding creative ways to sweat.

Inside ROW just outside of West University Place, co-founder Mac Walker is quick to offer up a fix to sitting at a desk every day. Their 50 minute workouts involving rowing and strength training promise a high intensity, full body work out.

"It works the entire back half of the body with every pull. You're working your legs, your core, and your arms," said Walker. "We wanted something that was low impact. Something, that everybody could do. That was accessible whether you're coming off a couch or whether you're a seasoned pro."

Across town inside Ascent Fitness off Alabama Street, virtual cycling is all the rage. Owner Karyn Synder said it's something you won't experience anywhere else in Houston. Synder said their system provides a constant read of a rider's heart rate.

"You're going to come in. We're going to hook you up to a bike. That bike is going to be paired with an avatar on screen," said Synder. "We use a lot of resistance during our training which increases the intensity and increased the calorie burn."

At Orange Theory in Cinco Ranch, trainers there also closely monitor people's heart rate. Studio manager Kathy Vallejo said their business continues to grow in southeast Texas.

"You are able to see your heart rate live the entire time. A lot of people haven't trained with a heart rate monitor or don't know what it is, " said Vallejo. "The live read of your heart rate is what pushes everybody. On average, my women are burning a minimum of 500 calories and my males about 750 a class. That's going to be my average range."
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