126 arrested at 'Go Topless' Jeep Weekend: Mugshots

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Galveston County Sheriff's Office confirmed 126 arrests Wednesday through Sunday at the Bolivar Peninsula, with dozens of those arrests made for intoxication.

Their charges range from minor consuming alcohol and public intoxication to criminal trespass and marijuana possession.

List of names and charges follows below.

MUGSHOTS: 126 arrested during 'Go Topless' Jeep Weekend

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Arrested May 15, 2019
Michael Seesman - Municipal hold

Arrested May 16, 2019
Paula Carroll - Public intoxication

Arrested May 17, 2019
Donald Campbell - Possession of marijuana under 2 oz.
Suede Granich - Public intoxication
Ryan Jerentoski - No seat belt - passenger
Steven Morales - Driving w/License Invalid W/Previous Conviction
Kourtney O'Bryan - Minor consuming alcoholic beverage
Kora Jerentosky - Driving under influence (Minor)
Courtney Williams - Minor consuming alcoholic beverage
Luxottica Bass - Resisting arrest
Michael Lafour - Public intoxication
Daisy Havener - Minor consuming alcoholic beverage
Darius Mikle - No seat belt - passenger
Tony Cooper - Driving while intoxicated
Matthew Tompkins - No seat belt - passenger
Alan Kohl - Public intoxication
James Gilbert - Unlicensed carry handgun
Mason Hanks - Public intoxication
Ginger Bratcher - Municipal hold
Matthew Lanmon - No seat belt - passenger
Thomas Williams - Minor in possession of alcohol
Justin Gallier - Minor consuming alcoholic beverage
Chad Kolodejcak - Minor consuming alcoholic beverage
Hannah Howell - Minor consuming alcoholic beverage
Meredith Davison - Public intoxication
Madeline Riley - Public intoxication

Arrested May 18, 2019
Aaron Zeine - Minor in possession of alcohol
Jaime Villegas - Expired license plates
John O'Hara - Unlicensed carry weapon
Jordan Pyle - Driving while license invalid
Todd Jones - Driving while intoxicated
Gator Pyzdrowski - Driving while intoxicated
Travis Woods - Driving while intoxicated
Dennise Peters - Public intoxication-Minor
Deven Desselle - Driving under influence (Minor)
Ariel Hunter - No seat belt - passenger
Cesar Tovar - Unserve bond condition hold
Tori Bachus - Minor in possession of alcohol
Patrick Thomas - Driving while intoxicated
Christopher Bluestone - No seat belt - passenger
Tyler McClendon - Out of county warrant (Bell County)
Delano Hawthorne - Public intoxication
Mathew Hinson - Minor in possession of alcohol
Joseph Gankler - Unlicensed carrying weapon
Cody Williams - Public intoxication
Curtis Davis - Unlicensed carrying weapon
Charles Allen - Driving while intoxicated (2nd offense)
Colby Hutton - Public intoxication
Dakota Bomnskie - Driving while intoxicated
Brian McMullen - Public intoxication
Matthew Bickham - Burglary of vehicle
Melanie Price - No seat belt - passenger
Lisa Nino - No seat belt - passenger
Hayden Parker - Public intoxication
Geni Devens - No seat belt - passenger
Justin Packard - Driving while license invalid
Dalton Hall - Minor consuming alcoholic beverage
Davin Beers - Driving while intoxicated
Justin Inman - Driving while intoxicated (2nd offense)
Colby Love - Minor in possession of alcohol
Raine Hippler - No seat belt - passenger
William Knowles - Public intoxication
Matthew Bumpas - Driving while intoxicated
Robert Sherrouse - Public intoxication
Scott Holcomb - Public intoxication
Austin Jones - Public intoxication
Glenn Tarlton - Unsafe speed
Justin Ashley - No seat belt - passenger
Kaylee Henderson - No seat belt - passenger
Alainn Espino - Public intoxication
Michael Dodge - Resisting arrest
Jett Hurl - Minor consuming alcoholic beverage
David Duteau - Public intoxication
Madeline Parker - Public intoxication
Oscar Espino - Public intoxication
Juan Rubio - Driving while intoxicated

Arrested May 19, 2019
Dalton Peveto - Public intoxication
Bobby Gardner - Public intoxication
Kaitlynn McIntyre - Minor in possession of alcohol
Kathryn Williams - Minor in possession of alcohol
Allysa Nguyen - Minor consuming alcoholic beverage
Lindsey Shairader - Criminal tresspass
Krystal Nicholas - No seat belt - passenger
Jaqueline Guijosa - Criminal trespass
Deborah Hereaud - Public intoxication
Keala Ho - No seat belt - passenger
James Riddick - Public intoxication
Sumer Johns - No seat belt - passenger
Alfredo Velasquez - Driving while intoxicated
Mark Campbell - No seat belt - passenger
Zachary Palacio - Public intoxication
Mann Hayes - Evading arrest detention
Eean Gore - Possession of marijuana less than 2 oz.
William Payne - Possession of CS PG 2 less than 1 gram
Cristian Saldana - No seat belt - passenger
Christian Lopez - No seat belt - passenger
Daegan Deleon - Public intoxication - minor
Tyler Moore - No seat belt - passenger
Mathew Conyers - Interfering with public duties
Berry Waters - Assault causes bodily injury
Jose Ramirez - Public intoxication
Charles Brown - Public intoxication
Hunter Jackson McKnight - Criminal tresspass
Marc Mendieta - Public intoxication
Jacob Quintero - Criminal tresspass
Jesse Duke - No drivers license
Tod Wilborn - Public intoxication
Jonathan Coleman - Public intoxication
Parker Goerner - Criminal tresspass
Ronald Beauxis - Driving while intoxicated
Darious Rubin - Interfering with public duties
Allissa Silver - Minor in possession of alcohol
Miguel Tellez - No drivers license
Joshua Almanza - Public intoxication

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