11-year-old from Spring starts non-profit to provide school supplies to students in need

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- She's only 11 - but one little girl from Spring is already the founder of her very own non-profit.

Baily Cowart and her parents started "B.E. Blessed" when she was just 5 years old. It all began when Baily's school held a donation drive for school supplies.

"We all kind of thought this was going to be a one year kind of deal, but every year she kind of brought it back to us and had new ideas," Baily's mom, Stephanie Cowart, said.

Baily and her parents appeared on "GMA3: What You Need To Know" on Tuesday to talk about how the non-profit came to be.

While Baily's mom handles identifying schools in need on social media, her dad, Russell Cowart, is in charge of getting all the donated supplies to their drop-off locations.

Baily's mom says they send each of the selected schools 50 to 100 backpacks filled with necessary supplies. Each backpack costs between $50 and $55 to fill up.

"I'm very proud that people want to support our mission to help other kids, because we could not do this without our volunteers," Baily said. "We couldn't pack 450 backpacks by ourselves in 2.5 hours like we did this year."

"As a mom, it's incredible," Stephanie said. "She has done such great work and she has touched a lot of lives. I think she has taught us to dream big."

If you like to help Baily's mission, you can do so on the "B.E. Blessed website"
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