Texas DSHS deploys additional medical staff to help hospitals amid COVID surge

AUSTIN, Texas (KTRK) -- In the fight against surging COVID-19 cases, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) will be deploying an additional 2,500 medical staff to support health care facilities.

This comes as some hospitals are facing staffing issues as they become crowded with COVID patients.

The support will include hospitals and nursing homes, Gov. Greg Abbott announced in a statement on Thursday.

"This will bring the total number of medical personnel deployed across the state to 8,100," Abbott's statement read.

In additional to the medical staff assistance, DSHS will also be providing medical equipment requested by Texas medical facilities including, ventilators, oxygen concentrators, hear monitors, IV pumps, feeding pumps and hospital beds.

"The medical personnel and equipment deployed by DSHS will provide crucial support to our health care facilities as they treat hospitalized cases of COVID-19," Abbott said.

According to Abbott's statement, previously 5,600 medical personnel, consisting mostly of nurses and respiratory therapists were authorized for deployment. DSHS is now increasing that number to 8,100.

It's a step closer in hopes to get 13,000 total additional medical staff DSHS said were requested to address the need.

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