CCA STAR Tournament adopts new style after impacts from winter freeze

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The CCA Texas STAR Fishing Tournament is currently still underway in the Galveston Bay but with a few changes in its format this year.

In years past, 60 tagged redfish were released along the 600 miles of the coastline. Due to the winter freeze impact on certain fish species, the CCA changed the format for the first time in 31 years.

In an effort to give certain species time to recover, fish like flounder, gafftop, sheepshead and speckle trout were not part of this year's tournament.

The CAA did release upward of 200 redfish with red, blue and green tags. Each tagged division gives the angler a different prize package if caught.

"The bays are going to be active," said Bill Kinney, the director of the tournament. "We're excited about the migration of people coming out of the lockdown, picking up fishing as a great family pastime."

The other major change is CCA adopted a catch, clip and release style this year. When an angler catches a tagged redfish, they will then clip the tag off the fish, release the fish back into the water and take the tag to the weigh station to register the fish for the CCA.

"This year we are releasing 180, pushing 200, so their chances just tripled," said Kinney.

The first five anglers to catch a red-tagged fish win a Ford F150, a Haynie boat and a trailer.

The first three to catch a blue-tagged fish win a Mowdy 22-foot V-Hull boat and a trailer.

The first three to catch a green-tagged fish win a 19-foot Shoalwater boat and a trailer.

"Get out there and get them," said Kinney.

The tournament runs through Labor Day, but you must be a CCA member and must be registered to win the prizes.
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