Pothole repairs could cost you more during the COVID-19 pandemic

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The next time you encounter a pothole on the road, it could cost you even more to fix the damage thanks to the pandemic.

For Michael Poutous, who owns Poutous Auto Repair in Rice Village, his business has still not recovered from the shutdowns brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak.

"Terrrible," he said. "I mean, our numbers are way off."

He did not have to lay off any employees, but he did have to endure multiple challenges.

"In the beginning, we had to cut everybody's hours back," Poutous said. "No overtime. There were weeks when people didn't get paid."

As more drivers continue to get back out on the roads, car repairs may cost extra, particularly because of the parts.

"I had one customer come in for a battery, and her car sat at the dealership for a month waiting," Poutous said.

Certain makes and models are seeing the most troubles, and the number of working mechanics has declined, thanks to layoffs.

Poutous said his prices have not gone up, but warns customers the impacts of the pandemic on the auto industry may last a while.

"As far as supply goes, I'm not sure yet," he said. "Every day or every week, it's something different that we can't get. I'm not sure."

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