Multiple fights break out among students on Cy Spring HS campus

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Video obtained by Eyewitness News shows large groups of students involved in a lunch time fight inside Cy-Springs High School Wednesday. Multiple students tell us it was just one of several fights to break out on the high school campus during one school day. Student Cameron Randell saw the brawl firsthand.

"We're coming from lunch and people were swinging at each other," said Randell, who is also a member of the football team. "All the principals and teachers are trying to get in, and (some students) were making a wall so people can't get in."

What Randell didn't see was another fight that broke out after football practice. In a separate video also obtained by Eyewitness News, you can clearly see students in athletic uniforms fighting each other. Also evident are men identified as members of the Cy Springs varsity football coaching staff trying to break up the fight.

We showed video to Allison Henderson, who has a daughter at the school, and two children who graduated from there.

"I'm outraged, because we didn't get a call and I'm scared for her," said Henderson. "I don't want her involved in gang fights and things of that nature."

Even though parents say they didn't get phone calls, the fights Wednesday did result in an announcement over the intercom by Cy Springs Principal Dr. Cheryl Henry on Thursday morning. Eyewitness News obtained a recording of the announcement, which said in part: "There are many students who made bad choices yesterday, they're not here today, nor will they likely return... Students, this is our school and it's our responsibility, all our responsibility, to shape our reputation. Do not allow a few students to ruin the reputation of our school."

Eyewitness News asked Cy Fair ISD if any students were arrested, suspended, or expelled over the fights. But all we got was a general response that students have been disciplined accordingly.

Former students tell us, Cy Springs needs to change.

"After all those years, it would probably calm down," says Tamisa Henderson, who graduated in 2008. "You would think the fighting level would come down but it's getting worse."
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