What happens if I lose my COVID-19 vaccine card?

If you get the COVID-19 vaccine, you also get an important souvenir, a vaccine card. But what happens if you lose it?

The two-shot COVID-19 vaccine requires people to wait three to four weeks between shots. After the first shot, people will receive a card that shows when and where you got it.

That card is to be brought back when it's time for the second dose.

Luckily, if you happen to lose the card, it doesn't mean you can't get the second dose or you'll be left without full protection.

The card can be replaced at the place where the first shot was administered.

"Those records are part of the Texas Immunization Registry, so if you lose your card in between doses, the Houston Health Department is able to provide the second dose on that card, so you will have that record," said Porfirio Villareal with the health department.

A good way to protect yourself is to take a picture of the card with your phone so that you have a record at your fingertips.

Since your records are part of the Texas Immunization Registry, your doctor can access that information and produce documentation that you are vaccinated.

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After the second dose, if you want to protect the card from damage, there are places offering to laminate them for free. Health officials said it is OK to do that if you'd like.

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