Learn About Custom Body Contouring from Elite Body Sculpture

Saturday Extra

"Saturday EXTRA" is a unique and lively lifestyle segment covering a variety of topics concerning the Houston area! On March 13 we spoke with a unique company that is dedicated to changing lives with the latest technology! Elite Body Sculpture provides custom body contouring impeccably tailored to your body type and desired outcome using AirSculpt technology. Their patented procedure sets the industry standard for results in this area. Clients are awake during the procedure, listening to music or chatting with a friend while Elite Body Sculter sculpts the body's shape to the specific liking of the client. No area is off limits; if you can pinch it, they can take it. This procedure use no needles, scalpels, or stitches, just exceptional technology wielded by skilled surgeons with precise care.

From initial consultations to the day of the procedure, a Patient Care Consultant is by your side to answer any questions and provide anything you need. Learn more about Elite Body Sculpture.

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