Westbury HS opens pandemic-safe teachers lounge called 'The Energize Station'

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially hard for teachers in the classroom, and that's why one local school is trying its best to lift morale and let teachers know someone cares.

Westbury High School created a safe and socially distant teacher's lounge. They call it the "Energize Station." It's a place where teachers can unwind, have lunch or grab a snack or coffee.

The Wrap Around team at Westbury said this was all made possible by collaborating with community partners and businesses in the Westbury neighborhood.

"Our teachers are going through the pandemic too. We have issues with trying to retain students and get them re-engaged to this new normal in the classroom," said Kenneth Brown. "Our teachers are often overloaded with work. So we wanted to do something where we could re-energize them, starting the semester off on the right foot and really putting all of our support behind them to let them know we are in this together."

Some of the teachers told ABC13 they were excited about the new Energize Station and were very thankful staff members took time to look out for the them.

"I know, for me personally, it's been a very stressful and hard situation to switch over to this online type of hybrid teaching route we're doing," said Amanda Sanders, an English teacher. "This is just a wonderful added pleasure, like 'Ok, you know I'm going to go get a snack because this class was stressful, no one's listening and no one's participating.' Sometimes I feel like I didn't do my best, and I may need some chocolate to help me through the day."

And that's not all. The school also has an extra surprise for teachers once a week.

Jerri Brown, a parent engagement specialist, said a restaurant in the area is supporting the Westbury teachers with a free lunch one day every week.

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