Mother: Flight attendant shamed me for using my breast pump

A mother says she was shamed for using a breast pump on an airplane.

Mariana Hannaman was confronted by an American Airlines flight attendant after she pumped breast milk in the bathroom, and it was all captured on video from an iPad.

"I was in there breast feeding," Hannaman is heard saying on the video.

The flight attendant responds: "You know needed to tell us!"

Hannaman says the flight attendant harassed her as she used the pump, ordering her to open the door.

She complied with the pump still attached and passengers could see her exposed breast.

The mother says she warned other passengers waiting in line that she would be pumping breast milk in the bathroom, but did not tell the flight attendant.

American Airlines has apologized to the mother, and says its flight attendants check on anyone who is in the bathroom for a long period of time.

The airline says for other new moms, you are free to pump...just give them a heads up.
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