Grieving parents receive son's final goodbye from beyond the grave

A sad but touching story in Georgia where the parents of a six-year-old boy who died last week discovered a heart-tugging goodbye note.

Leland Shoemake died five days ago from an amoebic brain infection. When his mother, Amber Shoemake, returned home for the first time to get clothes for his burial, she made an incredible find: a note from her son, left gently for his family on a living room table.

The note reads: "Still with you. Thank you Mom and Dad."

"We have no idea when he wrote it but you can tell he was always a special child," Amber said. "We will love you forever Leland. Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!"

Amber's touching tribute to her son was posted to the Prayers for Leland Facebook page, where among other things, she shared about Leland's love of history, Adam Sandler, and his academic strengths as a student.
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