10-year-old boy survives gruesome shark attack

ISLE OF PALMS, South Carolina -- A 10-year-old boy is recovering after he was attacked by a shark off the coast of South Carolina.

Trey de Boer visits the Isle of Palms every year with his family.

WCBD-TV reports he was in waist high water when the shark bit him.

"When Trey started screaming I immediately thought 'oh he's gotten stung by a jellyfish,'" said Christal de Boer, Trey's mother.

"I had just caught a wave. So I got off of my boogie board, and I felt a small pinch on my foot," Trey continued as his described the attack, "at first I thought it was just a crab, so I kicked it a little bit and then it just kept chomping about two or three times."

Emergency crews quickly showed up and took Trey to a nearby hospital where he received 26 stitches.

Trey has been getting around on crutches, and has been back on the beach. But, will he get back in the ocean?

"I can't go back in the water this time, but I'm not going to be afraid of going back in the water. I really hope I can get back," Trey said.