Dozens of Florida summer campers hospitalized with sudden illness

LAKE PLACID, Florida (KTRK) -- A video from a summer camp in Florida shows distraught parents picking up their kids after more than 30 children became sick.

Health officials said the illnesses were not serious, but enough to send 33 kids to the hospital.

"I was afraid and concerned. I said prayers," a neighbor said.

The incident happened Wednesday, when several students became ill with nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.

One kid reportedly passed out, which is what prompted the 911 call.

The camp officials said 33 campers were taken to the hospital along, with several adults. They have all been released.

The health department is now looking into the situation.

Camp Cloverleaf released the following statement, in part, "We are cooperating with the Department of Health to determine the cause of the illness and necessary steps to prevent future occurrences."

A sanitation company has been called in, and the camp plans to reopen next week.
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