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If you're submitting a news tip, there are several ways to do it. You can either fill out the form on this page or call our tip line at 713-669-1313. You can also tweet using the hashtag #ABC13Eyewitness
If you see news happening, email photos or videos to or upload them to

For ADVERTISING Opportunities call 713-663-4664 or email:

General Sales Manager: Mark Mahoney

Marketing/Sponsorship Opportunities: Kristi Strawn

Digital Opportunities: Tammy Guest

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Timothy Hinson, Vice President - Technology
Direct Phone Line/TTY: (713)663-4344
Fax Number: (713)663-4648
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If you would like to mail us, send correspondence to:
3310 Bissonnet
Houston, TX 77005

Phone Number: 713-666-0713

Fax Number: 713-663-4648


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