Woman sues Facebook over fake profile with explicit photos

A woman is taking on Facebook after she says they delayed removing a fake profile that had racy photos of a person, altered to look like her
A Houston woman is suing Facebook for millions, claiming the social media giant was negligent in not removing pictures which claimed to show her in intimate poses.

According to her attorney, Meryem Ali, 28, dated Adeel Shah Khan only briefly five years ago. She found out about the pictures in December 2013. Her attorney, David Altenbern, says the images, which appear to be of Ali, aren't actually hers. He says her face was digitally inserted on another woman's nude body. In one of those pictures, Ali appears to be involved in a sex act.

"She's very upset about that, very upset about that." Altenbern says.

It's called "revenge porn." Altenbern says Ali asked Facebook for months to remove it. They only did, he says, after the Houston Police Department sent Facebook a subpoena while investigating.

Facebook eventually did remove the images. But Ali and her attorney say she has been so humiliated that Facebook should pay her 10 cents for every user they have. That's $123 million.

"I thought I could trust him," another Harris County woman told us earlier this year.

That woman sued an ex who plastered pictures on the Internet of intimate moments and chats between them. She won $500,000.

Experts say this is a growing trend, a disturbing one where some will attempt to hide behind the anonymity of the digital world.

"I call it keyboard courage. I do see people acting in ways that you traditionally would not see them act in real life," says Ashley Small, a social media consultant.

Ali is suing Facebook and her former friend. Neither responded to our requests for comment.
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