Cyber stalking victim has warning for you

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Imagine the invasion of privacy if someone slithered their way into your life through your smart phone.

A Houston mother has a warning about cell phones and how hers was used against her to track her every move.

The mother of two, who asked we not identify her, says her ex-husband used her own cell phone to stalk her and all he needed was his own phone.

"He had every text, every picture. He knew exactly where I was all the time. It was infuriating," said the alleged victim. "I had no idea this type of obsession and anger was inside of him."

She says it happened when she started dating someone new well after their divorce was finalized.

Brett Dearman, a digital forensics specialist who investigated, believes her former husband was able to attach a small spyware application via email or text which she opened. Identity thieves looking for passwords or other personal information could hit the jackpot.

"It captures text messages, emails, phone conversations. Anything you do on your phone, it can capture it and send it upstream," Dearman of McCann Investigations said.

Cindy Diggs, a divorce and family law attorney, says the spy gets caught when they get comfortable.

"Usually the way people find out is because the other person knows things they really shouldn't know unless they're using some kind of spying approach, spyware or some other kind of tracking device," Diggs explained.

It can be a crime, though this alleged victim has not reported her invasion to police.

"Know what's on your phone, beware. It's out there and it can happen," she warned.

Preventing or stopping this type of cyber spying can be as simple as updating your cell phone or running anti-virus software as often as possible.

Signs your phone is being tracked include:

    Being hot to the touch
    Losing battery power quickly
    Increased data usage
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