Candidates for President: what their "look" says about their abilities to lead

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Candidates for President: what their "look" says about their abilities to lead. (KTRK)

While body language may say a lot about the type of leader a candidate will be, their "look" is just as significant. From Hillary Clinton's pantsuits to Donald Trump's power ties, their ability to lead the free world may be telegraphed in their outfits, says one expert.

"I think Hillary suffers from a consistency problem," said "Dress Like You Mean Business" author Marilynn Barber. She says pay close attention to not only what the candidates say but also what their personal style and attire.

For Clinton, Barber says a darker pantsuit is best to give the look of authority.

"When a woman's suit top matches the bottom, it emulates the man's look and gives a monochromatic look," said Barber.

For Trump, his look is practically trademark says Barber, "He has been wearing the same style boxy suit for about the last 30 years," Barber said. "He typically only wears navy, charcoal or black and he always wears a bold neck tie and that differentiates him."

When it comes to choosing an outfit for a presidential debate, it is a deliberate and strategic choice. Barber says Clinton nailed it on the first debate.

"She had on a bold, bright look in a monochromatic color that was fitting of a commander in chief," Barber said. "She is shorter than Donald Trump, so she has to work a little harder at looking like the commander in chief."

According to Barber, Trump gets the win for the second debate, in a suit that fit his brand with a bold tie.

"That was a power look," Barber said of his vivid red necktie. "Hillary on the second debate wore a muted navy that I don't think held up on camera --I don't think it looked as powerful as it could have looked," said Barber.

As the election winds down, Barber says it is crucial that both trump and Clinton keep consistent looks.

"If Hillary wants to be commander in chief, she needs to look it every day with that monochromatic look and Mr. Trump, he needs to keep that jacket buttoned-up and look like he could control the country as needed," said Barber.
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