Workers not yet paid for services at last month's Houston Beer Fest

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The Houston Beer Festival organizer says he's behind on paying his workers after he lost thousands in stolen beer and overspent on production (KTRK)

The organizer for the Houston Beer Festival confirmed he is behind on paying his workers after he said he lost tens of thousands of dollars in stolen beer and overspent on production.

"I'm one of those who is going to speak out because I need my money, and I did my job," said worker Kevin Funchess.

Funchess said he is out about $300. He said he's has reached out to the festival's organizer Timothy Hudson and was promised a check two weeks ago. Funchess said he has not received his check.

"Yes, I think they made well over enough money and they used us and the city and the people to make that money," said David Daniels, who also told Eyewitness News he's owed about $300 too.

Eyewitness News reached out to Timothy Hudson late Wednesday. Hudson said he spent about $150,000 in beer for the event and only brought in about $30,000. Hudson said workers were giving away free beer, which he considers theft. Hudson also said his company overspent on production, although he would not say by how much.

Eyewitness News obtained a check written by Hudson's marketing company that was returned for insufficient funds. The check was written to a worker for $420.

Hudson said he gave out checks to security officers on the day of the festival . He asked everyone to not cash the checks until he said it was clear. The worker was charged $10 for the returned check by the bank.
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