Tire blowout leads to frightening landing in Tampa

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A plane made a hard landing in Tampa, and now, survivors are speaking (KTRK)

The 146 people on board an American Airlines flight are happy to be safely on the ground after they were told to get into the crash position while their plane from Phoenix landed early Tuesday morning.

They landed at the Tampa International Airport, and crews rushed to help passengers as the plane touched down after a harrowing ordeal on board.

Passenger Jerry Penacoli - host of a local TV show - explained, "We were pretty low. The pilot took a nose up and we went - woosh. Like that."
The pilot aborted the landing due to a potential problem with the landing gear.

Flight attendants had an ominous warning, WFLA reports.

Penacoli said, "They were in full crash mode. 'OK people - cross arms. Put head down. And when we say brace - you brace'."

The plane landed hard with a blown right tire.

As Penacoli exited, he thanked the pilot for getting him down safe and sound.

Asked how they did it, the pilot said, "Um - just did out training. Followed our training just like anyone."

And surprisingly, this wasn't the only issue for those passengers. The first plane they were on in Phoenix had to be taken out of service - due to a mechanical issue with that plane as well.
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