Three crime scenes make for confusing details

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Authorities were called to three different crime scenes (KTRK)

Within minutes of each other Monday afternoon, Harris County deputies raced to three crime scenes.

"We responded to multiple locations and shootings."

And when Hasmin Flores took a call from her sister, she did too.

She said, "I quickly ran over here and saw the cops and got scared."

Her sister told her she and the owner of a cell phone store -- her boss -- were held up Monday afternoon. When the two robbers took off, so did he.

Next stop, a busy grocery store parking lot -- a Fiesta on Veterans Memorial. Investigators have been told the store owner confronted the armed robbers there, shot one, then loaded him into his Hummer and tried to bring him back to his store.

Instead, the injured robber bailed and ran off to a home nearby where an ambulance was called for a shooting victim. He was taken to the hospital. The second suspected robber was brought back to the scene. The stories from all still being sorted out.

"Just haven't put it together, I don't know what I've got," said Sgt. Joe Freeman, with the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Flores is certain on her end.

"He was defending herself and my sister and his property. He was just being a hero."
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