Pasadena police officer accused of having sex in patrol car

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A Pasadena officer was suspended as the police department investigates allegations he had sex in his patrol car while on duty.

The police officer's conduct surprised many in the Pasadena community.

One resident said, "It's embarrassing." Another added, "They are the ones who have to give the example."

Police Chief Michael Thaler says Officer Jeff Mubarak has been suspended for 30 days with no appeal. The nine-year veteran admitted to top brass he had sexual relations with a woman inside and outside his police cruiser while on patrol last August.

Chief Thaler says, "He was honest and accepted responsibility. He expressed extreme concern or remorse for his actions for the embarrassment he caused himself, the department and the community of Pasadena at large."

The incident was captured on dash cam and came to the chief's attention during a routine departmental video review. The chief says the woman was taking part in their Citizen Ride Along program and was interested in becoming a police officer. The two became friends and then romantically involved.

The Citizen Ride Along program was suspended immediately after the Chief saw the video.

Thaler adds, "We have made some revisions to the policy which will be implemented here shortly."

He also says the officer's suspension is just one step below termination.

Residents reacted to the discipline with different comments.

One woman said, "Anytime business and pleasure mix together it's a line drawn."

A truck driver said while on break, "I'm in the garbage business and when they find us asleep we get fired, so what do you think?"

And a woman filling up her car responded with, "I'm disappointed but to be honest people are going to make mistakes regardless of what they do for a living."

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