Good Samaritan in a Porsche helps police catch accused robbers with kids in car

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Good Samaritan in a Porsche helps police catch accused robbers with kids in car

Police discovered seven children, all under the age of eight, inside an SUV following a high-speed chase from Fulshear to Brookshire.

The pursuit happened June 4th.

John E.H. Lewis, Jr. is charged with endangering a child, while Juanice Powell is accused of theft related to the incident, which began at the CVS at FM 1463 and Fry Road. The couple was just indicted last week in Fort Bend County.

"I heard this huge scream," one of the employees, Travis Wallace said. He was just walking into the store when he says a man rushed past him. He tells Eyewitness News it looked like that person had stolen something after striking one of the employees.

Wallace had planned to play a round of golf that morning but as the thief tried to pull out of the parking lot he realized one thing:

"I am in a Porche. They're not gonna outrun me. They're not gonna. I've got nothing else to do on a Saturday morning. I'm just gonna follow them!!" he said.

He gave chase while calling 911. Before long, the other driver realized he was being followed.

"He punched it and really picked up the speed and became very erratic," Wallace said.

He says speeds surpassed 100 miles-per-hour, as they snaked from Fulshear toward Brookshire.

"He was driving really crazy. Passing cars regardless of oncoming traffic and making them go over in the ditch," he said.

At some point Wallace says he realized there were children in the other vehicle. He curtailed the chase as he became more concerned about safety. Poor cell service kept Wallace from staying on the phone with 911, but he was able to give authorities enough information to locate the driver.

"There was 7 children under the age of 8 in the vehicle," said Fulshear Police Officer Charlie Scott.

According to the officer, not one of the children was restrained, not by a seat belt or any child safety seat.

Investigators say the couple stole a $200 power toothbrush from the CVS. They found synthetic marijuana in the SUV.
Police credit Wallace with helping them catch the couple.

He says he's no hero.

"I had nothing else to do, was bored that morning. I thought, why not?"

John Lewis, Jr. tells Eyewitness News he was never driving as fast as Wallace claims. He calls the charges against him and Powell a "big mistake," and insists the case will not stick.
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