Woman shot in road rage incident describes terrifying ordeal

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A woman who was shot in a road rage incident speaks about her story (KTRK)

A woman shot in a road rage incident is talking exclusively to Good Morning America about what happened here in the Houston area.

She's revealed herself in a sit down interview with ABC. Kay Hafford was shot in the head, and she says she is still having some painful headaches, but feels fortunate to have survived.

The shooting happened last Friday on the North Freeway as she was headed to work. Another driver cut her off, so she honked, and that's when the situation became dangerous.

"We exchanged some words, he told me to roll my window down, to pull over, pull over and I was like -- uh, uh, uh -- and when I did that, when I started to speed up, he started to speed up and when I did that I knew I was in trouble then, I didn't know it was going to lead to what it lead to." said Hafford. "When I saw him he looked so weird to me, I was like - I've gotten myself in trouble."

After the shooting, she used Siri on her iPhone to call 911.

Law enforcement has not made any arrests in the case.

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