Today's National Pizza Day

Sonoma Flatbreads by Donatos offers authentic restaurant-style pizza for gluten-free consumers. (PRNewsFoto/Sonoma Flatbreads)

Who doesn't love a slice of pizza?

Today's the perfect day to get one as the country celebrates National Pizza Day. It's the unofficial holiday of everything pizza.

Our ABC-13 morning team certainly has their favorite slices of pizza. Tom Koch says he always goes for the works or a supreme pizza. Patricia Lopez loves a slice of thin crust pepperoni pizza, while Samica Knight only wants hamburger and nothing else on hers.

Travis Herzog says he'd reach for a piece of Greek pizza with feta cheese and olives, maybe "a little spinach and tomato." Then there's Katherine Whaley, who says she likes it supreme!

We also know you have your favorite pizzas too. We asked ABC-13 viewers last August to tell us their go-to spots for a slice of pie. Click here for the top 10.

Of course, having too much pizza (or anything for that matter) can be a bad thing. A study released last month says American kids are eating way too much pizza. Between family pizza night, school lunches and parties for their friends, some kids are eating pizza two or more times a week - and that's not good for their health.

Do you think we're eating too much pizza? Weigh in now on our official ABC-13 Facebook page.

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