Montgomery County residents say they fear more animals could be killed by loose dogs

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Some people who live in Montgomery County are angry after animals there are killed.

Families say more than 50 birds and a few goats have been attacked and killed by one neighbor's dogs.

"We live in fear of coming home and seeing our animals dead," Carol Carr said, "What we have left."

Carr and her daughter Claire Bridges are heartbroken.

"The first time, I found the birds before she did. It was like a graveyard. I was very emotional that time, too," Bridges said, "The second time I came home, the male dog was running with a coyote, and that's when I tried to stop it. I didn't have anything to stop the attack except for myself."

Another neighbor, Fred Martinez, said the dogs have attacked his goats, too.

"We don't want to take justice into our own hands, because we respect the law, we follow the law, we try to do it, but nobody wants to listen to us," Martinez said, "I am a hardworking man, I worked for what I got. I think I deserve the same respect I give to other people."

According to Montgomery County Animal Control, the owners of the two huskies has been cited twice for failing to properly confine his animals. The financial penalty will increase if he's cited again.

"The people who own these dogs, if they loved these dogs, they wouldn't let them just run," Carr said, "That's being abusive to those dogs, too. They're gonna get shot, run over, you know, there's a zillion things that could happen to them."

According to the Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constable's Office, a livestock investigator with Pct. 5 would be handling this case. Eyewitness News is awaiting a return phone call from that agency for information regarding this investigation.

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