Keep the back talk at bay with Sassy Spray

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Could a new spray be the key to keeping your kid's back talk at bay? (KTRK)

Remember when mom would threaten to wash your mouth out with soap? Or worse, pull out the belt?

As parents, we no know that finding the fix for your kid's smart mouth can be difficult. And let's be real -- even the most well-behaved aren't immune from the occasional break down.

Not even the children of Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: ABC13 anchors try out Sassy Spray
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The Eyewitness News team decided to try Sassy Spray, the fast-fix for back talk and Gina's face sums up what happened.

Now his wife Candice and her best friend Hollie Sigli have come up with their own dose of discipline.

With two boys at home, Romo knows rowdy -- as does Siglin, who has three kids of her own.

"I have one that's very sassy, and it's been like a game changer in our house," Siglin said.

When a little back-talk became too much for these moms, they came up with their own solution.

"I was needing something personally that wasn't as harsh as spanking, but a little harsher than time out," Romo recalled.

A combination of apple cider vinegar and veggies, Sassy Spray, as it's called, is sprayed into their kids mouths when they're naughty.

Sassy Spray isn't exactly new. For years, it's been the the underground secret of mommy bloggers, who have been know to mix up their own concoctions.

Romo and Siglin's started selling Hawk + Sloane, their own brand of Sassy Spray, this past spring.

It's one of six sprays, with others like Stinky Spray, for diaper pales, and Sleepy Spray, for bedtime.

With products that range from $10-13 a bottle, they say they're conquering parenthood one spray at a time.

"We feel like our line is a mom's survival kit. It touches on every age," says Romo.

How bad could this new-age soap in the mouth be? Could this seemingly harmless form of discipline actually be harmful?

Meredith Young with Motherhood Center here in Houston says discipline is in the parents' job description.

"Part of what is important for any discipline strategy is that a parent feel comfortable with what they're doing. Certainly with this product, there will be parents who aren't comfortable, and then there will be other parents who want to try it," Young explained.

For Romo and Siglin, they're going to continue parenting -- one spritz at a time.

"This is a method that we found useful for us, and we know we're going to get criticism," said Romo. "That's okay, because it works for us and it doesn't have to be for everybody."

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