Air New Zealand wants you to visit flooded Houston?

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Air New Zealand appears to have used a shot of flooded Houston in its in-flight magazine. (Imgur)

Houston is a picturesque vacation spot when the city is underwater -- at least according to the folks at Air New Zealand.

An astute Redditor noticed a gaffe in the airline's in-flight magazine, which appears to use a downtown shot of the waterlogged Bayou City to advertise a Houston vacation.

Although the photo appears to be recent, it's not immediately clear if it was taken during this year's Tax Day floods or last year's Memorial Day flood.

The photo is accompanied by the caption, "The skyline of downtown Houston from a distance," with zero mention of billions of gallons of water that fell across the city.

For comparison's sake, here is a photo of downtown from a nearby (although not exactly the same) vantage point, minus the historically swollen Buffalo Bayou:

A railing from an apartment complex and the Houston skyline overlook the Buffalo Bayou as it snakes its' way into downtown Friday, April 18, 2014.

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