Suspicious gas fill-ups at Buc-ees lead to accused credit card thief

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Suspicious gas fill-up leads to accused credit card thief

There may be a crime ring stealing gas from a local Buc-ee's.

Baytown Police say Pupo Jimenez was caught in the act.

Jimenez was allegedly caught on surveillance video at the Buc-ee's on I-10.

In the video, police say Jimenez pulls in, swipes a credit card, and starts to fill up containers of diesel fuel in the back of his truck.

But employees at this Buc-ee's already had an eye out. Management says that for the past few weeks people have been coming to the store filling up on diesel using stolen credit cards.

When one card declined, they would just pull out another one.

When Jimenez allegedly tried this same scheme, managers immediately approached him. That's when Jimenez walked away and employees called the police.

But Jimenez reportedly stuck around, he walked to the back of the store, still caught on camera trying to ditch a fistful of credit cards police said were stolen.

Jimenez went back to the pump where officers were waiting for him and he was arrested.

Investigators found the stolen credit cards with zip codes written on the back. Detectives believe this may be part of an elaborate theft ring.

Right now, it's unclear exactly where the cards were stolen from, since they were only used at Buc-ee's, but not stolen from the location.

Police are now warning people in the area to protect their cards, because thieves are lurking, hoping to spend victims' money.

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